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Friday, February 10, 2012

How time flies!

Sorry for the disappearance, once again. Life is happening at super speed lately.
And The Big Girl Code has kind of fallen off of the tracks.
There is light at the end of the tunnel though!
There are new blogs and even vlogs! If you want to check out my personal blog, which has a lot of everything in it, including a bit of fat fashion, fat acceptance, ect go to
As for the vlogs, I am apart of a collaboration with a few of my friends, and we put out videos every week. We also have a tumblr, and the youtube channel

Feel free to catch me on my personal blog, on A Radiant Life, or on youtube!

I haven't forgotten about all of you here on The Big Girl Code. Thank you for keeping up with us!
- Pauline

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun!

Next week is the official start of summer, and for some of us summer has been here for a while already!

These are my favorite things for summer.

One thing that every girl should have is an amazing bathing suit.
I know, I know, to some Big Girls bathing suits are a HUGE no-no.
We all have parts that jiggle, and parts that bulge. And I can not stand being hot in the summer time. I refuse to wear a long sleeve shirt or anything else that will result in me sweating my ass off because I was embarrassed to put on something cooler.

It's a process that you have to go through, and sometimes it's not easy, but when you finally get there and you finally feel comfortable being in a bathing suit in front of other people, it makes things so much easier.

Anyways, whether you wear a one piece, tankini, or a bikini, finding one that you love is the most important part.
Recently, I was in Lane Bryant and I saw this one piece that was absolutely adorable.
I tried it on, and it looked fabulous. A big plus is that it has molded cups, with underwire!
This type of bathing suit will work for any shape, and I will tell you why.
It's shirred fabric along the sides and stomach. It acts like a minimizer and gives you the appearance of being smaller. It is, by far, my favorite bathing suit I have ever owned.
There are also the ones who swear by tankinis.
When I was much bigger we always used to go down to the beach for the summer, and my staple bathing suit was a tankini. I loved them.
I am a big fan of the boyshorts with the tankini, and the bikini.
When you're getting a tankini or bikini, make sure your tatas fit in the cups!
It's not always easy trying to find one that fits every person. If they are too big, your boobs slide around all over the place, if they are too small, somebody may get a free peek.
When you are buying two piece bathing suits, look for wider straps, both on the arms, or that tie around the neck, and around the sides.


Those are just a few, but remember this when you are finding a bathing suit: be yourself, and if you're not comfortable in it, don't buy it! You will always be beautiful!

Now let's move on to cover-ups.
The things I hate most about cover-ups are that some people use a large t-shirt. And then they get in the water with it on!
Maybe it's for sun protection (Which doesn't even help. I read an article a few weeks ago that said clothing is not a form of sunscreen!), or maybe it's because they don't want stuff all out there.
Either or, if you have a great bathing suit no need to hide it!
But as for cover-ups, go by body shape.
If you're an apple, go for a short, robe type cover up.
Hourglass and pears should find a sarong wrap.
Rectangles can wear a robe or sarong, but make sure the robe or sarong is tied so that it gives you a great shape!

Remember Big Girls, you are amazing!

Be Fabulous,
- Pauline

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have a bone to pick...Part Two

Here we are again, Big Girls!

Finding solutions to the everyday fashion problems, so you can be fabulous!

Today we tackle five more issues that drive us all insane.

1. Width vs. Length. Someone thought one day, "Well, if I make this wider, then we can skimp on the length, right?" WRONG! We have stomachs, we want them to be covered, and be comfortable. Just by making something wider doesn't make it look any better. The width doesn't create any shape, and it makes you look bigger! We pay out the nose for our clothes to begin with, they should put enough fabric in each shirt/blouse/sweater that we buy.
There are a few ways to combat the width issue. Get a cami, or a long tank top and layer it. This works especially well if the top is just a little too short. Another way to combat it, is to try it on!!! If it looks too wide, try the next size smaller. If it still looks funny, walk away from it.
Recently, I have noticed that Lane Bryant, Torrid, and also Target have been making their tops a little bit longer without the width. At Lane Bryant you have to watch though, because some of their tops look fabulous on the shelf, but when you put it on it's just not all there. At Target, I have fallen in love with their "Long & Lean" tank tops, perfect for layering, or wearing by itself.

2. What the Sleeve? Cap sleeves, puffy sleeves, any sleeve that pulls the emphasis to our arms.
I for one hate cap sleeves. I think they should be left to the 3 year-old girls on their Easter dresses.
We are grown women, and we should be able to dress like we are. There are a lot of us Big Girls that Like just regular sleeves, a 3/4 length sleeve, or elbow length. Conversely, sleeves that are huge don't make anything look good. That fad fell flat years, and years ago. A normal sleeve can be such a good thing!
My suggestion for sleeves are, sometimes (and I stress sometimes!!) you can take a shirt to an alteration shop and see if they can put a different sleeve on the shirt. That is not always as easy as it seems though. Also, just like in the width, it it doesn't look right, walk away from it. Or if everything else looks absolutely fabulous, but you're just worried about the arms, deal with it. I have the cutest argyle sweater top, and it has cap sleeves, but it was so perfect I bought it anyway.

3. Animal print/Neon leggins and jeans.
Some people love it, some people hate it. And I am here to say that if you love it, don't wear so much of it. Head to toe outfits of animal print do not work. Ever. I am also not a fan of the animal print t-shirts, or the animal print leggins/jeans/pants in any combination.
It is incredibly hard to wear animal print. Especially if you don't know how to wear it. If you have an animal print top, you could wear it with a plain jacket, or if it is warm, layer on a plain tank top underneath. Also, wear them with plain pants or jeans.
Never wear animal print pants. They don't look good on anyone.
Neon bottoms are also grouped into this category. Unless there is a specific reason as to why you are wearing neon bottoms, the general rule is to stay away from them.
If you are in love with neon, accessorize with it instead. Try a neon headband, or jewelry.

4. Fit in the bust. A lot of times the fit in the bust is too small, while the rest of the shirt is too large.
This either results in getting a smaller size, which then stretches your shirts, and draws extra attention to your bust.
The only thing that I can think of with this, is to measure yourself (or have someone else help out) and know you're bust size, especially is shopping online, or if buying in-store, try it on.
Some shirts allow for a bigger bust, some don't. If the problem is with a button up shirt staying buttoned, get some fashion tape and put it on the shirt where it bunches between buttons. It will hold it closed all day and peels right off.

Since we are talking bust, let's talk bras. If you have larger boobs, finding a hot bra is probably one of the hardest things to do. I am a stickler for trying on a new bra before I buy it, so I can check for the fit, and how it shapes me. Because I don't want to look like Madonna, or a grandma. But the amount of online resources for bras doesn't go unnoticed by me. Some of these websites are,, and
In-store, my mainstay is Cacique at Lane Bryant. But even Victoria's Secret goes up to a band size of 42, in store.

5. I am not 90. I don't want to wear something that looks even remotely like I am 90.
So many styles of clothing for us Big Girls are so age inappropriate. The multi-colored florals, wrong fits, out-dated prints, the list goes on and on.
The fat fashion industry has started to catch on to current trends and give us more options.
Some of those options are fabulous, like better prints, current styles, and a more shapely fit.
You just have to watch out for something your grandmother, or even your great grandmother would wear. If all else fails, ask someone. Ask another person in the dressing room, or the sales associate. Ask us! Shoot us an email with a picture. We'd love to help you out!

Watch for the next few blogs! Part 3 is coming up, and after that is Summer Style!

Be Fabulous, Big Girls!
- Pauline

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

We have a bone to pick... Part One

With the entire fat fashion industry.

As we all know, all sizing is not created equally.

The difference between a torrid 3x and a forever 21 3x are light years apart.

I talked to a few Big Girls about what they thought about Fat Fashion.
I got some surprising information, and some not so surprising. None the less, the fat fashion industry is trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Here are some of the complaints I got.

1. Fashionable does not equal affordable.
This is especially true in the plus size market because there is such high demand for fashionable clothes, and such low supply. It kind of reminds me about the cost of oil.
A lot of the stuff that you see in Lane Bryant, Torrid, or Ashley Stewart is really cute, but because a shirt costs between $30 and $100, it just doesn't make sense. And the same goes for pants.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, all of the chain stores are high, but they also have a clearance section. You can find oodles of things there. There are also places off the beaten path, like consignment stores. And then there are places like Burlington Coat Factory, TjMaxx, Ross and Marshall's. You will have to look, but when you find exactly what you're looking for, it is completely worth it.

2. One of the biggest things in a Big Girl's world is the sizing difference.
Some stores use a "junior plus" scale with their plus size clothes. And when you wear a Woman's plus size, the sizes just don't mesh. One can be too small, the other too big. The only thing to combat the sizing differences is to try things on. And it is a pain when you do online shopping, because that involves a lot more effort to return or exchange something, but it is completely worth doing.
On a side note, I suggest that you measure yourself, or have a friend or someone measure you, so that you know exactly what your measurements are to compare with the sizing guide.

3. How the pants fit. We all know that Big Girls do not come in one size, or shape. Read the link first.
Body shape is so important in finding the right fit.
The biggest problems with pant fit are: the waist is too big/small for some, the thigh is too big/small for some, or the hips are too big/small.
Every problem with pants is converse because we are all different. Our shapes and sizes don't always match up with what they want to sell us. The closest things I have found to combat this problem, is at Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug they have Right Fit jeans and pants. They aren't perfect, but they closer than every one else. Also I have found that jeans with 2% to 10% spandex have extreme versatility with different sizes of waist, hips, and thighs.

4. The dreaded arm holes. On shirts with sleeves they are too small. On shirts with no sleeves, they are huge! We either have to have the sleeve of a shirt cutting into our arms all day, or have our bras hanging out for the whole world to see.
The only suggestion I can give, like the pants, is to find a shirt with a little spandex in the mix.

5. Elastic. I cringe at the sight of that word. Elastic waisted pants are terrible unless you are a toddler.
Us grown women know how to use buttons and zippers, we don't need any help with that, thank you very much. Elastic waisted pants have been a staple in fat fashion for a long time. But I won't give it any credit. There are plenty other options out there for us Big Girls. Just say no to elastic waists (wastes). We've come a long way from that, so continue forward.

That's it for now Big Girls! But don't worry, this is only part one of a three part series!

Be Fabulous Big Girls,

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sometimes it is the clothing...

Long time no blog. Seriously. But this isn’t like my last blog where I’m filling the page with excuses. No, this is an honest-to-God blog. With a few excuses. My grandmother finally succumbed to her illness and passed away in early March. Then my Dad got sick. We thought it was a sinus infection and tried to treat it at home but a week later he was so bad that he couldn’t breathe. After a tense ride to the E.R. (I ran all stop signs and red lights… it was 4 in the morning and there were no cops in sight… so it was ok) they told him that he had pneumonia. Long story short, he did not have pneumonia and if it wasn’t for the amazing cardiologist that popped in to check on him, he would have died because he was actually going into heart failure. He’s doing fine, thank God, and they expect him to make a full recovery.

So, after all the drama that’s gone on, I decided that it was time to take myself shopping. Well, to take my fiancĂ© and his wallet shopping (ha ha). Good news? I found some major bargains and you all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE bargains. Bad news? I found out that stores occasionally CHANGE the size standards. Seriously.

Imagine my shock when I stepped into the dressing room to try on a pair of jeans… and they didn’t fit. I had a moment of panic. I hadn’t gained any weight back, at least, I thought I hadn’t. I’d actually been eating healthier since my dad got out of the hospital (doctors orders… for him, not me). Maybe I had gained weight. And suddenly I felt nauseated and I didn’t want to shop anymore.

Wait a second…

“I think these jeans aren’t sized right.”
Eye roll. “No, they’re right.”
Glare. “No, they’re not. I’m wearing these jeans. Same brand, style, size. These” shake jeans at her “are just a different color. Something isn’t right.”
Shrug. “Sometimes they change the sizes.”


According to my friend’s mom, a fashion consultant, it’s true. Sometimes they change the sizes. So one year your size X might actually be a size Y and the next year it could actually be a size V. Trust me. I was thrown off and totally humiliated at the thought of having to get the next size up. So I didn’t. I went to Lane Bryant instead and got jeans in MY size.

Back to the first store. After the jean fiasco, I decided to raid the panty section and call it quits. Picked out the first cute one in my size and my jaw dropped. There was no way my ass was that large. Seriously, I could nearly wrap them around me. To find ones that fit I had to go down TWO sizes. I really wanted to tell them that their horribly tagged clothes belonged in a discount outlet instead of my favorite store. But I didn’t. As a side note, I’d like to point out that the salesclerk has NO control over prices/ product/ quality.

Lane Bryant didn’t let me down. They never do. So, now I want to talk about a really HUGE trend. Lace. I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Always have, always will. Up until now, lace was mainly for your intimates but it’s mainstreaming in a big way. I love the new shirts with the little peaks of lace. I found a tank top with black lace straps and a quarter lace back. Don’t be afraid to show a peak of skin this summer! Especially when it’s with flirty lace.

Just a little common sense side note, letting your bra straps show? So not cute. If you're going to to wear a tank top that doesn't cover your bra straps, PLEASE invest in a strapless bra. Lane Bryant has a lot to choose from that includes removeable and clear straps.

So, have fun shopping!
And, as always, remember: I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’M BEAUTIFUL, DAMN IT!
Xoxo. Anda
Suddenly it hit me that there was NO possible way that these jeans were labeled correct. Because I was wearing the same style, brand, and size of these jeans. I had even purchased them at the same store a few weeks prior. So I re-dressed and marched myself out to the sales clerk.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look Fabulous For Less!

Being frugal doesn't mean looking frumpy.
You can look fabulous for less, you just have to know what to look for.

Finding complete outfits for under $100 is simple!
Mixing and matching outfits is an awesome (and cost-effective!) way to make your wardrobe go far.

Check out these outfits, then add your own personal flare.
Outfit One

I love love love dresses this season!
This dress from is simple in gray and black, but you can spice it up with accessories or shoes from, like I did.

Rosette pin mock two piece dress
Iron Fist - Zebracorn Platform Heel (Wide Width) SKU: 567808
Iron Fist - Zebracorn Platform Heel

Total: $95.95

Outfit Two


Women's Plus Low Rise Flared Jeans

Total: 64.94
This outfit leaves plenty of play room to add accessories, and a great pair of shoes!
Outfit Three

The top in this picture is fabulous, I hate how they paired it with a long pair of leggins. It doesn't look very good, does it?

Neria in Fuchsia
Denim Red Tabbed Cropped Jean SKU: 560952Denim Red Tabbed Cropped Jean

Pair this outfit with a pair of flats or go with a heel. And remember, accessorize to accent, not to steal the show!
Total: $71.80
These three outfits all came in under $100 and they all look fabulous. Don't be scared to invest in good clothes.

And always remember, be yourself when you dress. Fashion has many faces.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at

Be fabulous Big Girls!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Are You Scared Of?

Personally, I am scared of heights, and spiders. Well more specifically bugs in general, especially if they jump.

Phobias aren't really the point of this blog though. Big Girls, I am going to ask you a question, and I really want you to think about the answer: What are you scared of?

Big Girls, being big ain't easy. Trust me, I'm a pro.
I see so many women who dress to be invisible. Just trying to blend into the background.

What are you scared of?

Someone might notice you? Some people might be offended because you have a little extra fluff? That people will laugh? That the hot guy on aisle 3 might ask for your number?

How you answer that question is very important.

I have noticed a lot of big girls (not Big Girl) lately that seem to have such an awful self image.

The whole thing with being a Big Girl, is the acceptance and knowledge of our bodies.

We know that we are bigger than some other people, but we accept ourselves and find beauty within that acceptance.

This is directly correlated with fashion. Big girls (not Big Girls) tend to dress to fade to the background. And I know that feeling. I struggled to accept myself for a very long time.

But acceptance breeds love for yourself. And when you love yourself, you want to look as good as you feel on the inside.

Fashion plays into this by being the first thing people see. If you don't feel beautiful on the inside, then you won't be able to show it on the outside.

Fashion represents your acceptance.

Take the time to get to know yourself. Accept yourself, and your body.

You only get one, so love it. Flaunt it. Be. Express your self.

You can show the world how amazing Big Girls are. And it isn't a hard thing to do.

Follow the basics. Be creative with it. But most importantly love yourself.

Don't drown yourself in too big clothes. Do find a fabulous fit. Don't feel like you aren't beautiful because you're not a size 2. Do embrace yourself, not matter what size you are.

Don't be scared because of your body. It is beautiful. You are beautiful.

*Try this tomorrow- Stand in front of a full length mirror, naked. And look at yourself. Think of positive thoughts of yourself. It doesn't matter if you have rolls. Or cellulite, or a big ass. Start loving yourself, and see the beautiful you.

I do that every single day. Yes, we are big, and damn it we are gorgeous. Start standing up for yourself, and your Big Girl sisters everywhere. Don't be scared anymore.

Be Fabulous,

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