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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Fat Girl Walk

Girls. girls, girls! I was walking around Target yesterday and to my dismay every Big Girl I saw was waddling. I cringe every time I have to say that word. And yes, I call it the "Fat Girl" walk because Big Girls don't waddle. You are not a Weeble, therefore you should not wobble.

It's easy to re-teach yourself to walk correctly. There are a few simple rules to follow that will teach you how to not walk like a penguin. There is but one exception to this rule, and it is when you are walking on ice.

Now for the rules.

Rule #1- Keep your feet pointed straight.
If you throw your feet to the sides, kind of like making a "v" with your feet, you will always waddle. When you point your feet straight forward, it not only makes you walk right, but also helps to improve your posture. It is a lot easier to stand straight up when you walk right.

Rule #2- Move your hips!
God gave us hips, so use em'!!
Most women (both big and small) walk trying no to use their hips. This is a huge mistake. moving your hips when you walk is one of the most feminine things you can do.
Now, by moving your hips, obviously you create movement. Which is exactly what you want to do. When you walk and your hips move, it gives your form shape as well.
It doesn't have to be an earth shattering "bam, bam" hip movement. It can be subtle. But what you want to achieve is an up and down movement of your hips, and not a side to side movement ( Which would be, what girls? Waddling).

Rule #3- Pay Attention
When you are re-teaching yourself to walk right, paying attention to how you move is essential to your success. It is so easy to fall back into the pattern of waddling, because for many of us we have done it for years and years. There is a repetition rule that I have heard before, and it says: Do it 28 times, and it will become a habit. Practice walking when you are in your house, or walking through the park, or just doing grocery shopping. And always pay attention.

Now those three simple rules will stop the Fat Girl Waddle. We want to walk like Big Girls, and not Fat Girls. Go get em' girls, and don't forget to practice!
And just so you know, I did change how I walked, years ago. So I know that if I can do it so can you!

Have fun Big Girls!
- Pauline

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